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Game Used


+= extremely hard to trade for
*=2 color
**=3 color
(more pics on bottom)

2001 pros and prospects then and now dual jersey, a-rod*
2002 spx super swatch, carlos delgado 343/400
2001 upper deck minor league continental hawaii jersey, ozzie smith
2001 ud retro jersey magglio ordonez
2000 spx winning materials gold usa ball/jersey, ben sheets *+
2001 ud reserve quad all star jerseys, giambi,williams,bonds,giles**
2001 fleer material issue, tony gwynn*
2002 UD gold glove sluggers choice batting glove , rafael furcal*(patch)
2001 ud reserve ball/base combo, carlos delgado, vladimir guerrero
2001 ex wall of fame, robin yount
2001 playoff absolute memorobilia dual base 21/200, jeff baguell
2001 donruss clasics stadium seats, frank robinson
2001 upper deck subway series jersey, jay payton
2001 fleer showcase sweet sigs bat, mike sweeny
2001 sp gameused kenny lofton
2001 sp gameused gary sheffield
2001 bowman all star futures game jersey, jack cust

andruw jones collection (All +)
2001 genuine coverage plus 120/150
2002 stadium club passport to the majorsjersey 432/1200
2001 sp milestone bat
2001 ovation a piece of history
2001 pros and prospects dual bat w/ kenny lofton
2001 donruss studio diamond cut collection
2001 legacy hit kings
2001 sp game bat
2001 donruss clasics benchmarks
2001 spx winning materials jersey/bat*

01-02 genuine coverage plus, vince carter+
01-02 UD Playmaker Game Jersey GOLD #ed 94/100, allen iverson
00-01 encore warmups, kobe**
01-02 focus trading places dual jerseys, jason kidd
01-02 ovation 82 championship unc floor+
01-02 exclusive vinsanity collection unc shooting shirt, vince carter
/00-01 spx rookie jersey auto, speedy claxton 2456/2500
00-01 tripple crown shoot arounds, tracy mcgrady+
01-02 flair jersey highlights, chris webber+
01-02 sole of the game ball steve francis 213/300
00-01 legacy game issue, jason kidd*
00-01 glossy traditional threads, grant hill
00-01 tripple crown scoring kings, lamar odom 99/100
99-00 black diamond a piece of history, michael finley*
01-02 xpectations future features, andre miller
01-02 xpectations class challenge, baron davis

01-02 sweet shot hot spot floor, jermaine o'neal
01-02 fleer showcase beast of the east jersey, antoine walker
00-01 heritage back to the future, mateen cleaves
01-02 feel the game clasics hardwood michigan floor, jalen rose
01-02 fleer national patch time, richard hamilton

00-01 hot prospects, jamal magloire
01-02 upper deck 10'th power jersey, dikembe mutumbo
01-02 genuine names of the game jersey, allan iverson
00-01 heritage dynamite duds, quentin richardson
01-02 mvp souvenirs, stephon marbury

01-02 ovation warmups, antonio mcdyess
00-01 black diamond game gear, stephon marbury
00-01 fleer legacy rookie jersey, desmond mason 296/779
00-01 spx winning materials, karl malone
01-02 upperdeck ud 10th power
00-01 game time uniformity, david wesley
00-01 topps reserve all star warmups, wally szczerbiak
00-01 hardcoart floor, stephon marbury
2000 legendary floor, kevin garnett
2000 legendary floor, stephon marbury

00-01 sp game floor
(duble floor)
karl malone
rashard lewis
mark jackson
(regular floors) (/=all star floor)
shaquille o'neal/
michael finley/
glen robinson/
latrell spreewell/
stromile swift
peja stojakavic*
scottie pippen
allan houston
andre miller
chris porter
stephen jackson

2001 hot prospects jerseys: (all +)
michael vick
david terell
chris chambers
travis henry
mike mcmahon
chad johnson*
gerard warren
jesse palmer
sage rosenfels
lenord davis
2001 patchwork: (all +)
deion sanders
brian griese
edgerrin james
2001 mvp souvenirs, jamal lewis (w/ hole for ball)
2001 mvp souvenirs, jerry rice
2001 pros and prospects jersey, randy moss+
2001 vintage threads, jeff garcia
2001 vintage threads, ron dayne
2001 genuine coverage plus warren sapp

2000 playoff absolute leather and laces, eddie george
1999 molten metal patchworks, jake plumber
2001 ud rookie threads, reggie wayne
2001 game gear jersey, az hakim
2001 game gear jersey, bret favre
2001 playoff absolute memorobilia leather and laces, fred taylor 65/550
/2000 spx rc auto jersey, sylvester morris 1415/2000
2001 genuine future swatch, koren robinson 557 and 546/1000
2001 genuine future swatch, todd heap 571/1000
2001 genuine final cut, jim kelly 
2001 mvp campus clasics, jamar fletcher+
2001 game time uniformity, fred taylor
2001 finest rookie premiere jerseys, rod gardner
2001 ultra sundays best, isaac bruce
2001 galery originals pro bowl, warren sapp
2001 topps chrome pro bowl jersey patch, derrick mason 361/400*
2001 playoff honors rookie tandems ball, andre carter, dan morgan*
2001 bowman senior bowl jersey, alge crumpler
2001 bowman senior bowl jersey, jabri halloway
2001 bowman hula bowl jersey, lenord myers
2001 pacific titanium dual jerseys, kordell stewart/jerome bettis
2001 ovation rookie gear, quincy morgan
2001 ovation training gear, akili smith
2000 fleer genuine coverage nostalgic, dez white
2000 mvp souvenirs, doug flutie
1999 playoff momentum team threads hobby away, barry sanders
2001 sp gameused, warrick dunn
2001 top tier then and now, freddie mitchell**
2001 fleer rookie retro threads helmets, reggie wayne, santana moss
2001 fleer rookie retro threads ball, chris chambers
2001 fleer rookie retro threads ball, kevan barlow
2001 playoff absolute memorabilia rookie premire materials, rudi johnson*
2000 black diamond rookie jersey, travis taylor