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+= extremely hard to trade for
^= incoming

1999 sp signature edition, jason giambi+
2001 showcase sweet sigs lumber, mike sweeny

1999 greats of the game autograph collection, harmon killebrew

99-00 sp authentic sighn of the times, michael dickerson
00-01 topps reserve 8x10 auto's, antawn jamison
2000 press pass auto, morris peterson

00-01 heritage auto, courtney alexander
99-00 fleer mystique fresh ink, mike bibby
99-00 fleer mystique fresh ink, lamar odom
00-01 autographics, richard hamilton
99-00 autographics, darell armstrong
99-00 autographics, gary trent
99-00 autographics, corey benjamin
97-98 autographics, vlade divac
97-98 autographics, tony smith
96-97 autographics, brent barry
1998 sp prospects auto, michale doleac
99-00 fleer focus fresh ink, brad miller
2000 sage hit auto, dee andre hulett
2000 sage hit auto, tom gugliotta
2000 sage auto, antawan jamison
2000 sage auto, keyon dooling
2000 sage auto, justin love
2000 sage auto, dan langhi
2000 sage auto, kevin freeman
2000 sage auto rookies limited, jason hart 145/500
2000 sage auto, josip sesar
2000 sage auto, olumide oyedej
2000 sage auto, dalibor bagaric
2000 sage auto, eric coley

2000 galery auto, jamal lewis+
1999 spx rc auto, champ bailey+
2001 game gear autographs, chris chambers+
2000 stadium club lone star signature, ron dayne+
2000 playoff contenders championship rookie ticket, todd pinkston 49/100
1998 stadium club co-sighners, mike alstott/corey dillon
2000 topps auto, sylvester morris
2000 fleer autographics, eric molds
2000 fleer autographics, sherod gidion
2000 crown royale rc auto, travis prentice
2001 fleer focus certified cuts, santana moss
2001 crown royale rookie signatures, freddie mitchell 158/500
1997 playbook mirror immage auto, emmitt smith 175/410
2000 bowman rookie auto, tee martin
2000 bowman rookie auto, ron dugans
2000 bowman rookie auto, dennis northcut





+= extremely hard to trade for