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Welcome to my site devoted entirely to my sports card collection.


Andruw Jones, the youngest player in history to hit a home run in the world series against the Yankees, Andy Pettite. AJ was 19.

My name is Sean, I live in New York, and I am 15 years old. I have been collecting on and off since I was about 10, but started seriously colleting sports cards early 2001. I have over 100 game used and about 45 autos. My email adress' are,, and my aol sn is steamboatwilly86. My original site,, was accidentally deleted. I keep my basketball star cards, rookies, and inserts, alphabedically by name then by year then by brand, in two 5,000 count boxes. I keep my basic baseball cards in two albums by team. I keep my football cards in 10 albums, sorted by team, then by depth chart. I have alot of raw deal, pokemon, and mlb showdown foils and rares, so if you want to trade your sports cards for these or buy, please email me at


98-99 topps chrome Vince Carter rc


Baseball: 95 andruw jones bowman rc's graded or non, andruw jones game used or autos. Braves autos/ game used. mark prior, alfonso soriano, todd helton, kenny lofton auto.

Basketball:  01-02 rc's, high grade rc's, sweet shot autos, jersey autos, michigan alumni, 02-03 rookies.

Football: high grade rc's, 2001 patchworks, 2001 hot prospects postmarks,  autos/gameused of:harrington,peppers,carr,r.williams,m.walker, high value samari rolle, michigan alumni, nice autos of: randy moss, brian griese, fred taylor

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01-02 jordan UNC 82 championship floor


01/02 UD Playmaker Allen Iverson Game Jersey GOLD #ed 94/100